Dr. Çelebi
Mevlana Moseleum

Who is Dr. Çelebi?
Celaleddin Bakir Çelebi, the 21st grandson of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi died on 13 April, 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey. This site is dedicated to him by his family.

Dr. Çelebi had spent the latter years of his life to teach Mevlana and his toughts to diverse audiences around the world. For this extensive work and research on Mevlana, Selcuk University of Konya gave him an honorary doctorate degree. more

Dr. Celaleddin Çelebi (1926 - 1996) was the 32rd Çelebi. After his death, his son, Faruk Hemdem Çelebi became the 33th Çelebi.

On this site you can view Dr. Çelebi and and his wife Guzide's family tree as well as the full list of the descendant of Mevlana whose members occupied the Post.

His Writings
Dr. Çelebi has given numerous speeches in Turkish, English, French and Spanish. Some of these were compiled as books and booklets and were published during his life time. A few of his works in English are below. His Message of Friendship is to us the most moving piece, but please read them all and decide for yourself.

His Legacy
Upon Dr. Çelebi's demise in 1996, his family established the International Mevlana Foundation to continue the his work and to conduct research on Mevlana's works and thoughts, and carry them over to next generations, not only in Turkey, but all over the world.

A list of current activities arranged by the Foundation can be found here.

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